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Tips for Longer Looking Lashes


Since 2020’s necessary accessory (i.e. masks) conceal the bottom half of the face, we’re focusing techniques that accentuate the eyes..  If you’re interested in amping up your eyebrows, check out our recent post on at-home brow techniques.  Now, we’re spilling all the tips and tricks that will make your lashes pop!

Long in the Lash
Luxurious lashes might be the longest enduring beauty trend of all time.  What I mean is, short, thin eyelashes have never been trendy.  If you’re looking to build healthy lashes, the hair growth tips from our brow blog also apply here.  The application of coconut, castor, and or olive oil will condition and moisturize your lashes, and nutrients such as biotin and iron promote hair growth.  However, you could spend years applying oils and taking vitamins, yet see very little difference.  Therefore, we’re going to focus on the avoiding the habits that cause breakage and sabotage your natural lash length.

Always take off your eye makeup at the end of the day.  If you leave your mascara on overnight, it will dry out your lashes and lead to breakage and shedding.  Even though some long-lasting formulas can be difficult to fully remove, be gentle when taking off eye makeup, and avoid creating too much friction.  Coconut oil is a great natural makeup remover, and as we already established, hydrates those lashes!  If you sleep on your stomach or side, consider looking into a silk pillowcase.  Silk allows hair glide easily, where as cotton creates more friction and can pull at follicles.  Lash growth serums continue to grow in popularity and have proven to be very effective.  However, long lashes don’t happen overnight and it may take a few months before you see noticeable results.  If you stop using these products, your lashes will return to their natural state.

Great Lashes at Home

Mascara seems like an easy enough product to master, but there are some tips to optimize your lash look.  Some people fear that curlers will pinch or pull out their hairs, but in reality they lift and polish.  Take your time when curling to ensure that you don’t press down on your eyelid, and never pull in any direction.  Simply press down towards the base, then the middle, and then ends of the hairs.  Never use a curler if you’ve already applied mascara to your lashes, as this can break them.  After, gently brush through with a spoolie or comb to separate any hairs that might’ve stuck together.

Next, it’s time to prime!  While primer is a helpful tool in creating thick, long lashes, many people are happy with the results they see from their mascara and skip this step.  However, primer not only intensifies your lash look, but also conditions and protects the hair from any drying ingredients in your mascara.  Then, you’re going to take you mascara and apply before the primer has a chance to dry.  It should glide on easily.  Start by focusing on the base first.  It’s okay if you can still see the primer on your ends while you concentrate on saturating the area closest to your eyelid.  Continue to work your way toward the ends.  Once dry, take a spoolie to separate the clumps or add another coat if you’re feeling dramatic!  When it comes to lower lashes, stick to waterproof or tubing mascara. That area of the eye is more susceptible to smudging from your fingers or watery eyes.

Amp up the Intensity
You can achieve show-stopping lashes at home by following the simple steps above. But if you’re looking for a little more drama, false lashes might be what you’re looking for.  The market is flood with every falsie style of your dreams, ranging from natural to statement strips.  Individual lashes are also available if you’re just looking to fill in a sparse spot.

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