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The Brow Bible


Newsflash: eyebrows are having a moment.  Okay, I guess that’s not really news, considering the full brows trend of the last several years has inspired more eyebrow grooming products and treatments than ever before.  Nevertheless, this year’s top fashion accessory, a.k.a. masks, really accentuate the features above your nose.  Ergo, 2020 is the year to let your brows shine!  Here are a few tips for achieving perfect brows.

Stop Plucking
If the bushy brow fad, countless beauty magazines, and your mom have taught you anything, it’s to stop (over)plucking your eyebrows.  A few stray hairs now and then? Okay, that’s fine as long as you’re just accentuating your natural shape.  But then you convince yourself that you should define your arch, and next thing you know, you’re left with a 90s-era pencil thin brow.  If you really feel like you’re in need of some serious shaping, seek out a professional. 

Let it Grow
If my warnings against overplucking are reach you a little late, you’ll be happy to know that there are several ways to stimulate regrowth.  To nourish, moisturize, and prevent hair breakage, you can use a cotton ball to apply coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil to your brows.  Biotin and iron have been shown to promote hair health, so if your diet is light on those two nutrients, supplements might be a good option.  There are several effective brow growth serums on the market, but they often fail to offer lasting results and are only effective as long as you keep using them.

Tinting is a newly trendy brow treatment, with salon and at-home variations.  This process darkens and accentuates your existing hairs.  The COVID-era has made us increasingly reliant on DIY beauty treatments, so luckily there are reliable and effective at-home brow tints on the market.  Just thoroughly read the directions and safety instructions before trying!

Brow gel should be your best friend.  Swipe through your brows in an upward motion to define the shape and tame any unruly strands.  This process also reveals any hairs that have grown too long and need trimming.  Be sure not to overtrim! After styling my brows with the applicator brush, I sometimes spray a little bit of hairspray on my fingers and lightly touch the areas that need a little extra control.

Fill ‘em in
Take your favorite pencil fill in your brow with “short, flicking motions,” using your natural shape as a map. Use a brush to blend any unnatural-looking lines.  Don’t greatly overextend the length or manufacture an arch, as it will quickly start to look fake and unflattering.  The goal is to highlight what you’ve got!  It can be difficult to find a product that perfectly matches your hair color, so feel free to mix different shades.  Be sure not to overfill, as opaque eyebrows look extremely unnatural.  Even those with naturally bushy brows have depth and texture to their look.

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